Donated Pianos

As opportunities arise, our chapter finds pianos that are no longer wanted but still have love to give.  We fix them up, regulate them, deliver them to a needy family or individual, and tune them after delivery.  If you would like to donate a piano, please send the make and serial number (usually under the lid) to .  It would also help to have a picture and approximate age if you can't find the serial number.


This is a list of our donated pianos followed by a few pictures.

2006: Kohler & Campbell to family in Blacksburg, VA
2007: Console piano to church in Welch, WV
2008: Console piano to a small Christian Academy in Pipestem, WV
2009: Whitney spinet to Presbyterian Campus Ministries ("Cooper House") outside Virginia Tech
2010: Story & Clark studio to boy's dorm at Blueridge Bible College
2012: Story & Clark console to family in Salem, WV.
2015: Console to family in Lynchburg, VA.
2016: Kimball Spinet to woman in Huddleson, VA.